Our research spans learning and development from the early years through to primary, secondary, further and higher education, including work-based and lifelong learning, in an environment that brings together education, psychology and health sciences. Research funding comes from a variety of organisations, including research councils, government departments, international agencies and charities.

The Educational Purposes, Ethics and Beliefs research group draws on history, history of ideas and philosophy of education to engage with questions about the meaning and purpose of the educational endeavour and the place of values in education.

Language, Learning, Culture and Identity includes interests in: linguistic human rights, second language creative writing, forensic linguistics, critical discourse analysis, English as an Additional Language, international student experience and university culture, academic literacies and writing identities.

Educational Policy, Partnership and Leadership underpins and influences much of the research carried out in the School of Education. Specifically we are concerned with the changing policy agenda for education, the new relationships being forged as school, further education and university partnerships change in role and structure, and in considering what types of leadership might be required to address the multiple challenges of the 21st century.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment investigates aspects of how schools and colleges organise, deliver and assess their educational programmes. This group seeks to enhance our understandings of practical, methodological and theoretical issues in education, aiming to influence current educational debates through research-based contributions. It focuses on the work of those based in schools and school communities, as well as on the experiences and outcomes for the learner.

Childhood, families and Communities is a research group that studies the experience of childhood, combining insights from research into child development with an understanding of the context embedded nature of development.