Inclusion and Wellbeing

Research Group Aims

To critically explore policy, pedagogy and practice in relation to the educational experiences of all children, young people and those who are ‘vulnerable’, ‘marginalised’ or ‘excluded’. In supporting and promoting the importance of inclusion and well-being, we recognise that these concepts have and continue to be problematic at a number of levels, particularly for children and young people who exhibit a broad range of diverse, additional and potentially complex learning needs.

Current project themes

  • Emotional development and attachment
  • The social, emotional and mental health of children and young people
  • Well-being of HE students and pedagogy in Universities
  • Neuroscience and the development of emotional competency
  • Links between Educational assessment and well-being
  • Bullying
  • Beginning teachers professional learning in relation to Physical and Emotional Learning
  • Beginning teachers learning in relation to supporting pupils with diverse and additional learning needs
  • Alternative approaches to practice and pedagogy e.g. The impact of the Nurture Group interventions on well-being


These include: Teacher Educator Advancement Network, Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association, National Education Trust, National Association of Primary Education, The British Psychological Society: Psychology of Education, Youth Sport Trust and the Department for Education.

Academic staff with related research interests