Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM)

Pedagogy and learning

We engage in research related to pedagogy and learning across the curriculum subjects within STEAM contexts. The various projects bring together academics and practitioners working on a range of learning and pedagogic issues in order to facilitate change in practice in schools, colleges and higher education through evidence based-research and/or policy developments at local, regional or national levels. Some of the projects are externally funded (by the Educational Endowment Fund; Primary Science Teaching Trust, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching Mathematics (NCETM), National Society of Art and Design Education (NSEAD) and the APPG for art education, others are part funded by the University.

We aim to:

  • Undertake and promote high quality research and scholarship in the field of STEAM pedagogy and learning
  • Disseminate its research findings widely, through various means, including publications, electronic media , conferences and seminars
  • Develop both critical and creative perspectives within STEAM
  • Promote research focused on both practice and learning
  • Seek funding for research from a wide range of sources
  • Facilitate a research and discussion forum that will meet regularly throughout the academic year
  • Liaise with other research groups both within the department and beyond
  • Develop active networks both nationally and internationally

Current Projects

  1. The use of lesson study in mathematics, emerging from Japanese practice (Tyson & Shires)
  2. Exploring subject knowledge and its relation to learning and pedagogy particularly in mathematics (Newton) and science (Day)
  3. Exploring how digital technology can support the development of practitioner’s practice
    1. reflection through applications such as blogs (Fenwick and Briggs)
    2. use of tablets to promote collaboration that can develop learning in science (Bird, McGregor & Frodsham) funded by PSTT
  4. Mentoring of trainee teachers, comparing practice in Kyoto and Japan (Briggs, Fenwick & Wright) funded by the KUE and the Daiwa Foundation
  5. Creative approaches to learning and teaching, particularly in Science:
    1. Thinking, Talking, Doing Science (Wilson) funded by the EEF
    2. Dramatic Science (McGregor) funded by PSTT
    3. Pedagogy and Assessment (Frodsham) funded by PSTT
    4. Use of dioramas for learning (McGregor & Day) part funded by PSTT
    5. Using drama to learn about scientists, including a comparative study with Oxford, England and Wellington, NZ (Duggan & McGregor)
    6. Transition and Enquiry (Howard) funded by PSTT
    7. Transition and the nature of matter (Coppard) funded by PSTT
  6. Developing practice in forest schools (Martin-Millward)
  7. Annual drawing festival in a local schools (Payne) funded by the faculty

Future events

A STEAM symposium at the School of Education research conference on 23 June 2017

Academic staff with related research interests