New students

Anne-Marie KildayWelcome from Professor Anne-Marie Kilday
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Faculty Dean

I am very pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. You are studying a programme in one of the Departments that form our Faculty and which itself is one of four Faculties that comprise Oxford Brookes University.

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The Faculty does not tend to get mentioned very often during your time at Brookes but it is important to you because it is the overarching organisational unit which helps to ensure that your programmes and tutors meet the highest standards.

We ensure that tutors are clear about the learning and assessment process and the outcomes of the programmes you are studying and that tutors are professional, responsive, engaging, intellectually challenging and up-to-date in their knowledge of the subject matter. Indeed, many tutors will have national and international reputations for the research they are conducting in the disciplines they are teaching.

Programme tutors are supported by others in the Faculty including Academic Advisors and Student Support Coordinators who can give you advice and guidance. Programme Student Representatives are there to take forward your views, concerns and needs to your Programme Leader, Department and the Faculty.

Members of our Faculty, and Oxford Brookes University as a whole, are all committed to helping you have a very good quality learning and teaching experience, to complete your programme successfully to the best of your ability, and then to advise you on the next stage of your career.

Welcome from the Student Support Coordinators

Congratulations on your 'A' level results and well done on achieving a place in Oxford Brookes University's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. These pages have been created to provide new students with a useful resource leading up to and including the Induction period. We recognise that arriving at university can be a daunting experience so these pages are designed to help with answering some of your questions and providing you with the information you'll need to get the most out of the process.

The week commencing September 19th is Enrolment Week, also known as Freshers Week or Week 0. Information on what you need to do to enrol can be found on your subject's Induction Timetable. This shows which subjects are being enrolled on which days. You must enrol at the appointed time.

Thank you for visiting these pages. They will be continually updated so use them as your first point of enquiry for questions about your study here. If you have a question that isn't already answered here, please feel free to contact one of us. We look forward to meeting you in Week 0.

Departmental Student Representatives

Each Department within the Faculty has a Student Representative. As well as being students of the University, they have volunteered to represent the student voice within each department and through the Students' Union, across the wider university.

"Welcome to Oxford Brookes University and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. We are your Faculty Reps. It is our job to ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst studying at Oxford Brookes by representing you within the Students’ Union. By liaising with members of staff we can ensure that whatever the problem or concern, your voice will be heard.

It is essential that we receive both positive and negative feedback from everyone within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in order to improve the learning experience at Oxford Brookes. So if you ever have any problems, get in touch with one of us and we will do our best to respond as quickly and as effectively as possible. We are contactable at all times via our Oxford Brookes email accounts which we will be using to send you updates on what is happening within the Faculty and your Department or School.

We hope that you have a great time at Oxford Brookes, and we are really looking forward to making your learning experience as fantastic as possible!"